Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Almost 18 Months Home

September 1, 2009

Almost 18 Months Home

It’s hard to believe we will celebrate our 18-month anniversary this month on the 18th…… Angella is doing fabulously well and loving life! The past year has been pretty typical of most American families I would guess……. Soccer, homework, sleepovers, pool parties and lots of family time.

Angella celebrated her first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s and probably most importantly, birthday since I last blogged. It was an action packed year to say the least.

We also have a recent new addition to the family, our little sheltie that we adopted from a local shelter, Fia! After 3 months, Becker is slowly warming up to the idea……

Angella has made many friends and enjoys time with her girlfriends..... between skating parties, sleepovers and pool time she has little time for much else. And even though she doesn't get to see her three brothers often, she loves knowing they are there and is very excited when they do come into town.

6th grade started off with a bang. School supplies were purchased in July (she was just a little excited). Her first day outfit was planned weeks in advance and her lunch was packed two days before school started…… Needless to say, our little social butterfly was ready to go back! 2:30 the first day I got the call…… 103.5 degree temp and sore throat “better come get her”. She missed the rest of the first week….. But now she’s on solid ground and the daily grind has set in……. homework, dinner, pack lunch, butt in bed by 9:15, lights out by 10:00. Fortunately for us, she does well with rituals and schedules….. She and Fia head up agreeably at 9:00. A little mom and dad time begins!

Our good friends, Kelley and Roger Holliday, adopted Angella’s friend from Desky Dom #2, Elona. The shrieks of excitement that first meeting, April 3 to welcome them home will be forever in our minds….. The girls see each other as often as their busy schedules permit…….. It is a uniquely special bond they will always share…. We are so glad that we were able to help Kelley and Roger bring Elona home.

Feeling blessed in so many ways…..

Peace and Love,
Pam, Len, Angella, Fia and Becker

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Mike and Gail said...

Love the update. Glad to see things are going so well. She looks like an angel. I am so happy that she has you guys. Blessings to you all.

Hello to Angela from all us of Nealey's